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Photography Sessions

Dreaming of your family photos in the sunflowers?  Perhaps your senior pictures would stand out with a bright sunny backdrop.  Photo sessions can be done on any festival day!

Photography Sessions

Photo sessions may be held on any day we are open.  We recommend weekdays as there will be fewer people in the field.

Photographers and clients will just need to purchase admission on our ticketing page.  No additional scheduling is required.

For the best flexibility we recommend our season pass.  You can come multiple days for 1 price and arrive at any time you like during our operating hours.  This is great to ensure you get the best weather for your shoot.  


Purchase season passes early for the best pricing and to ensure you get one.  


Pass quantity is limited.

resized_couple in sunflower field taking

Our sunflower field is targeted to be in peak bloom for the festival on the weekend of August 9, 10 & 11, 2024.


Important consideration: Sunflowers are an agricultural crop and therefore subject to weather, growing conditions and ripening variables. We cannot guarantee that the sunflowers will bloom on a particular date, so prepare to be flexible by 7-10 days in your visit. Stay tuned on Facebook for up-to-the-minute plans.



Not all varieties may be in bloom at all times.  After festival days and towards the end of the festival some varieties may be completed or picked.  New flowers bloom daily creating new beauty in the field.

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