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Rachel Jane Hall

I was raised by potters in the middle of nowhere Ohio. We hauled our wares gypsy style in our van from art show to art show. I never grew up thinking I would be involved in clay but the universe had other plans. After working with a great mentor who is responsible for growing my craft I am out on my own. Making pretty little pots in my studio at my home on the hill.

Megan Rae

Hi, I’m Megan! I have a deep-rooted love for Columbus and am passionate about exploring everything it has to offer. I am excited to have you here on this journey with me. I hope I can inspire a few new spots within your reach!

Tanvi Mutneja

Hi! This is Tanvi, the writer, story-teller and photographer behind The Urban Bohemian. A 28-yr old Indian origin bohemian soul with an approach to living a simple and conscious life.


I talk about personal experiences (the good, bad & the ugly ones), real life anecdotes and the little yet significant joys of our life. My past work in historic and cultural preservation has developed a desire to cherish what is beautiful, useful, and meaningful in life. An Architect by profession but an artist at heart, my blog is made with love & compassion towards life, relationships and Mother Nature. 

I have a dream of a life filled with gratitude, kindness & compassion, handmade collectibles and authentic experiences// things that makes my soul happy.

Jodi Hochstetler

Hey everyone! I’m Jodi and I love food and festivals 😉 I am 23 years old and live in Amish Country, Ohio! Hope to see you this year at the Sunflower festival! 

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