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Sunflower Exhibit

With 2 years of sunflower experience under our belts we've chosen the best growning varieties of sunflower to create a spectacular experience.  We like to keep it spicy, so look for a new layout in the 2020 sunflower field!

Sunflower Exhibit

The Exotic Garden

Sunflowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  This year we're featuring some very unique flowers in this special garden!

The Wilds

In "The Wilds" guests may cut a sunflower which is included with EVERY ticket, or pick your pre-purchased 6, 12 bundles, or Bucket o' Sunshine from a mixture of 40 different varieties!


Take a little ray of sunshine home with you to enjoy!

Sea of Yellow

The "Sea of Yellow" is a huge field of 5-6 ft tall classic yellow sunflowers. Climb up the bridge and take all the photos you can in the beautiful sea.

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